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Z605: Internship in Library and Information Science (2-6 cr.)

Graded S/F. Supervised internship in an information management environment. Professionals in library and information management mentor each graduate student. Sixty on-site hours must be completed for each credit earned. Students document their experiences through journals, abstracts of related publications, and a final presentation. Normally, at least 18 credits must be completed before enrollment*. Guidelines and placement listings are available on the SLIS website.

*With approval of the Internship Director, a student can enroll for an internship during the summer session after having taken S401 and 15 credits of SLIS coursework or having taken 15 credits of SLIS coursework and 3 credtis of coursework concurrently wiuth the summer internship.

Internship Information


permission of faculty advisor.

**Prior to the Fall 2013 semester, courses had the designation SLIS-S.

Course Syllabi:

This course was known as L596: Internship in Library and Information Science prior to the Fall 2007 semester.