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ILS Definitions of Letter Grades

Letter grades have been defined as follows by student and faculty members of the Curriculum Steering Committee and have been approved by the faculty as an aid in evaluation of academic performance and to assist students by giving them an understanding of the grading standards of the School of Library and Information Science.

A 4.0 Outstanding achievement. Student performance demonstrates full command of the course materials and evinces a high level of originality and/or creativity that far surpasses course expectations.
A- 3.7 Excellent achievement. Student performance demonstrates thorough knowledge of the course materials and exceeds course expectations by completing all requirements in a superior manner.
B+ 3.3 Very good work. Student performance demonstrates above-average comprehension of the course materials and exceeds course expectations on all tasks as defined in the course syllabus.
B 3.0 Student performance meets designated course expectations and demonstrates understanding of the course materials at an acceptable level.
B- 2.7 Marginal work. Student performance demonstrates incomplete understanding of course materials.
Unsatisfactory work. Student performance demonstrates incomplete and inadequate understanding of course materials.
Unacceptable work. Coursework performed at this level will not count toward the MLS or MIS degree. For the course to count toward the degree, the student must repeat the course with a passing grade.
F 0.0 Failing. Student may continue in program only with permission of the Dean.

Grades are assigned by individual instructors based on a combination of student performance measures developed for each course. Student achievement of course objectives is usually assessed through the use of multiple performance measures. For example, a combination of several of the following assessment methods is common: examinations, class participation, written assignments and exercises, research papers, or term projects. Other methods, depending on course content and objectives, may include in-class small-group exercises, oral presentations, field-based projects and field experiences, or case study presentations.

Grade Requirement

No course in which a student receives a grade lower than C (2.0) will be counted toward requirements for any ILS degree. An elective course in which an unacceptable grade is earned need not be repeated, but it may be repeated or another course must be taken in its place. Repeating a course in which the student received an unacceptable grade or taking another in its place does not remove the credit points for that course from a student’s cumulative grade point average. All grades achieved in ILS courses will be counted in the ILS and IU GPA. Because a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) is required for graduation, any grade below B must be balanced by grades above B to keep the GPA at the 3.0 level.
ILS Definitions of Letter Grades