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Specializations within Master's Degrees

Digital Libraries Specialization and Master of Library Science

This curriculum has been approved effective Fall 2013. Candidates in this Specialization will receive the M.L.S. degree and a Specialization in Digital Libraries which will be noted on the transcript. Students in this Specialization will complete the following requirements:

  1. 1. Prerequisite and Requirements
    PREREQUISITE (3 credit hours) - must be fulfilled before completion of 9 credit hours
    FOUNDATION REQUIREMENTS (18 hours) one course from each area
    * Note: Students pursuing an ILS dual degree or formal specialization that requires one of these courses may count the course for the technology requirement as well.
  2. 2. Required
    ILS courses (9 credit hours)
  3. 3. Electives
    ILS courses (9 credit hours)
  4. 4. Specialization Advisor
    John A. Walsh, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science, is the specialization advisor (

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