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Dual Degrees

Russian and East European Studies (Master of Arts) and Master of Information Science

This curriculum has been approved effective Fall 2013. This dual degree is designed to prepare students for professional positions in libraries and information centers. The dual degree requires a minimum of 60 hours of graduate course work including a comprehensive set of required courses and overlapping electives in each of the degree programs. Students must apply for admission to the master's programs of both the Department of Library and Information Science (ILS) and the Russian and East European Institute REEI and meet the admissions criteria established for each. The two degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Students in this dual degree program will complete the listed requirements in ILS that will total 36 credit hours.

  1. 1. Prerequisite and Requirements
    REQUIREMENTS (21 hours):
    *plus Technology Literacy Requirement
  2. 3. Electives
    ILS courses (15 credit hours)
    Not including ILS Z605 and REEI R620 (ILS Z629), which are considered part of the Russian and East European Studies degree, chosen in consultation with the advisor, to bring the total of credit hours to 36.
  3. 4. REEI Requirements
    Consult the IU Graduate School Bulletin for REEI details.

Note on tuition costs:
Students in ILS dual-degree programs may find variance in their tuition charges. There is not a standardized method of coding students in dual-degree programs. ILS, the University Graduate School, the Law School, the School of Music, the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the School of Journalism, and other academic units each charge different graduate tuition rates per credit hour. You will be coded in one school. If, as you near the half-way point in your dual degree program, you will contact either school (ILS or your other unit), we can arrange to change your coding so that they second half of your degree will be charged at the other unit's tuition rate. Check with the Recorder of either school if you have questions.

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