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What is the MIS Degree?

If you want to take part in shaping the rapidly changing world of Information Technology, IU's Master of Information Science program offers a unique way in which to build upon your undergraduate studies, regardless of your previous major. With its outstanding faculty and the program's human-centered focus on Information Technology and the workplace, you will get an education that will not only prepare you to succeed in today's job market, but gives you the type of "big picture" orientation that enables you to thrive no matter what direction tomorrow's technology goes.

The MIS program is an interdisciplinary program designed to give you the skills in information technologies to prepare you for careers in such fields as information management, systems analysis, information brokerage, competitive intelligence and database development. The program emphasizes the human context of current and future technology.

Which other Master's degrees are related to the MIS degree?

The MIS degree program is similar to computer science and to information systems programs. The difference lies in the scope and direction of the MIS degree. Unlike traditional computer science programs, the MIS degree focuses on the people who use information and information technologies. Business school programs focus primarily on the business usages of technology (such as finance and marketing systems). Our MIS program examines a much wider range of applications.

How does the MIS differ from the MLS?

The Master of Information Science degree prepares you for work in business firms, public agencies and non-profit organizations in which information is created, manipulated, and used. There is a strong emphasis on the social and behavioral dimensions of information technology and on the effective management of information resources. The Masters of Library Science, in contrast, educates you for work involving the organization and management of information, primarily in libraries. The MIS degree is a 42 credit hour degree, whereas the MLS degree requires 36 credit hours.

How well is IU's MIS program ranked?

IU's MIS program is run through Indiana University's School of Library and Information Science, one of the top rated Information Science programs in the country. The Gourman Report ranked SLIS 3rd in the nation in academic quality.

What kinds of backgrounds do IU's MIS students have (academically, culturally, outside interests, etc.)?

MIS students come to IU with a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds. All kinds of undergraduate disciplines, from Math to English, can prepare you for studying in IU's MIS program. In fact, many students can combine their previous education with the MIS degree to make them uniquely qualified for specialized information fields.

What is the outlook for the Information Science field?

Information is fast becoming a central resource in many enterprises. There is a real need for professionals who can create, organize and effectively manage information that people want. According to government projections, five of the twenty fastest-growing professions are information- intensive and depend heavily upon information technologies.

What types of jobs can a MIS graduate get?

An MIS graduate can look forward to employment in such fields as Organization and Management of Information; Internet and Network Services; Systems Analysis; Information Retrieval; Information Brokerage. You can hold positions like Web site designer, Database Administrator, Information Researcher or Intelligence Analyst. People who can fill these positions are in high demand, and MIS graduates are doing well in the job market! In addition, since the MIS is an ALA-accredited degree, you can also compete for jobs in libraries and information centers that involve information technology.