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School Media Certification

School Media Certification can help lead to meaningful careers. Job descriptions in the school systems are evolving with changes in technology. The School Media Specialist can contribute to positive change. The certification is conferred by the State of Indiana. The requirements include a valid teacher's license and a sequence of ILS courses. If you do not have a teacher's license, you can work on your education requirements concurrently with your ILS degree. Students must be admitted to the MLS or MIS degree program in order to complete coursework for this certification. It is possible to complete the certification (27 hours plus Z401) without completing a master's degree (MLS = 36 or MIS = 42 plus Z401) - however, most people complete the extra courses.

Details about certification requirements are on our LIS Indianapolis website, maintained by Marilyn Irwin.


The certification is available through both the ILS Bloomington and LIS Indianapolis programs. Students must have a home campus, but may take a portion of their coursework through the other campus. Being registered on two campuses can lead to some complications with financial aid, and student fees.

The School Media certification has had different names (including School Library Media, Instructional Media...). The current formal title is: Advanced Program of Certification for Teacher of Library and Media. We will still use School Media Certification for easy identification.

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IU offers one of the nation's leading programs in school media services. Many of our graduated go on to hold key positions and become change agents within their academic settings. Employers value IU graduates because they are:

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We encourage our students to become active in the professional associations. Membership in these organizations can help you make contacts for future employment.