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ILS Staff

ILS Bloomington: Administrative and Technology

David Cole photo

David Cole

Manager of Unix and Web Applications

Phone: 812.855.9691

Mike Gallant photo

Mike Gallant

Assistant Director of Information Technology

DeLoice Holliday photo

DeLoice Holliday

Diversity Liaison for ILS Admissions and Alumni Relations

Colleen Martin photo

Colleen Martin

Administrative Assistant to the Chair

Phone: 812.855.2018
Phone: 888.335.7547

Jessica Meyer photo

Jessica Meyer

Accounting Representative

Phone: 812.855.5113

Mark Napier photo

Mark Napier

Director of Information Technology

Phone: 812.855.6267

Charlotte Smith photo

Charlotte Smith

Accounting & Research Services Assistant

Phone: 812.856.2369

Rhonda Spencer photo

Rhonda Spencer

ILS Director of Admissions and Communication

Phone: 812.855.2018
Phone: 812.855.2666

Corey Tarbell photo

Corey Tarbell

Admissions Coordinator/Recorder

Phone: 812.856.7214


ILS Bloomington: Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center

The Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science (CNS) Center (CNS) is managed by Dr. Katy Börner, who is also the Center's Founding Director.

The office phone is (812)855-5120. For additional assistance, review the staff roles and contact information in the directory below:

    • CNS Staff Directory