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Chaoqun Ni

Contact Information

Research Interests

My general research interest lies in Data Analytics and Visualization, Science Policy, Computational Social Science, Network Analysis,and Scholarly Communication. More specifically, I am interested in using computational skills, statistical approaches and visualization techniques for the processing, modeling, analyzing and interpretation of massive, longitudinal and heterogeneous data, to answer research questions in social science at the current era of Big Data. At present, I am concentrating on my dissertation that explores the impact of mentorship on protégés’ scholarly practice, focusing on whether the scholarly practices (concerning publication, citation, collaboration and grant) of doctoral advisers translate to similar practices of their acolytes, by examining the assortative mixing patterns in academic genealogy network, predicting protégés' scholar practice, and comparing these across various disciplines. My dissertation, as those I have previously completed, involves using large-scale, heterogeneous data sources, e.g. ProQuest Dissertation & Theses, Web of Science, grant (NSF, NIH, & NEH), and USPTO data.


M.S., Information System and Electronic Commerce, Wuhan University, China

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