Dr. Rice (B.A. in Literature, Columbia University; M.A., Ph.D. in Communication Research, Stanford University) is Professor, School of Communication, Rutgers University, Brunswick, NJ 08903-5067. He has corporate experience in communication analysis, banking operations, data processing management, publishing, statistical consulting, and high school teaching. He has co-authored or co-edited Public Communication Campaigns (1st ed: 1981; 2nd ed: 1989), The New Media: Communication, Research and Technology (1984), Managing Organizational Innovation (1987) and Research Methods and the New Media (1989). He has conducted research and published widely in communication science, public communication campaigns, computer-mediated communication systems, methodology, organizational and management theory, information systems, information science and bibliometrics, and social networks. These publications have won awards as best dissertation from the American Society for Information Science, and half a dozen times as best paper from the International Communication Association. He has been elected divisional officer in both the ICA and the Academy of Management. Dr. Rice has chaired a dozen Ph.D. dissertations at University of Southern California and Rutgers University.

He is associate editor of Human Communication Research, and of MIS Quarterly.

** Ronald E. Rice, SCILS, Rutgers University, 4 Huntington St.,**
**** New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1071, 732-932-7381****