ILS Internship

How to apply

  1. Email ILS internship coordinator Michelle Dunbar-Sims at to receive the ILS-Z 605 internship application. Be sure to include a list of completed ILS coursework, in additon to previous job experiences and career goals.
  2. Double check the amount of credits you are requesting. Internships are normally taken for 3 credit hours, and each credit hour requires sixty hours of on-site work.
  3. Get your request approved by your academic advisor, your department chair, and your internship supervisor.
  4. Have your academic advisor sign your application. Contact Michelle Dunbar-Sims if you have questions about who your academic advisor is.
  5. The internship coordinator will make contact with the internship spuervisor, and pending all approvals, will notify you of approval.
  6. Once you receive approval, register for ILS-Z 605. Note that there are two sections of this course: one for on-campus internships, and one for off-campus internships.

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