Hone your expertise by choosing a specialization

Choosing to specialize in one of the following areas of study will be a rewarding pursuit for Master of Information Science (M.I.S.) and Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) students.

While your core course requirements will help you develop a solid foundation of knowledge, a specialization allows you to nurture your unique interests, focus your education, build expertise, and access more advanced career opportunities.

Announcing a new specialization!

Our specialization in digital content, curation, and collections (DC3) is a new program of study available to students enrolled in the Master of Library Science and Master of Information Science programs. This specialization is intended to serve the needs of our students interested in the creation and management of digital content and data. This specialization is available as of the fall 2020 semester.

The DC3 specialization is designed to prepare students for careers as professionals involved in the creation and management of digital content, the systems that support the creation and management of digital content, and the social and organizational contexts in which digital content is used and managed.

In addition to their foundation courses, MLS students complete a 21-credit program of study while MIS students complete an 18-credit program of study (reflecting differences in core course requirements for each degree program).

This specialization replaces the specializations in digital curation and digital libraries, which will no longer be offered. Students in either of these specializations may opt to complete their specializations or switch to the DCE3 specialization.

Learn more about specialization requirements by selecting an option below.