Work at the frontier of information and library science

At ILS, we believe that problem solving and innovation require a myriad of integrated perspectives. That’s why as a student here, you’ll work across disciplines and alongside our esteemed faculty to create new knowledge on the frontier of information and library science.

How to join a research project

To work with a faculty member on his or her research, or to complete an independent study with a particular faculty member, we encourage you to contact that faculty member directly.

If you have additional questions about research at ILS, you can contact Ronald Day, the ILS department chair, or Howard Rosenbaum, the ILS graduate program director.

A professional headshot of Marika Cifor.

We have a long tradition of training students to be ethically and intellectually engaged professionals, researchers, and leaders. 

Marika Cifor, Assistant Professor

Attend special talks and lectures

Strengthen your perspective in a variety of fields by attending these sponsored talks and seminars:

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