Specialist in Library and Information Science

A post-master’s degree that’s personalized and flexible

If you’ve already earned a master’s degree in library or information science or a master’s in another relevant field, and you’re ready to advance your career or update your knowledge, the Specialist in Library and Information Science (SpLIS) degree is for you.

This program is ideal for professionals who want to come back to school full-time, or professionals who want to enroll part-time in order to continue working.

While the program requires 30 credit hours of coursework, there are no required courses, which means you can plan your program to fit your career goals. Only 15 of your credit hours must come from the Department of Information and Library Science, while your remaining credits can be taken from any other other IU school. No matter which classes you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your learning in the area(s) of your choosing.

Course credits from other universities

In rare circumstances, up to 6 graduate credit hours from another accredited university may be applied to your specialist degree.

Outside courses are considered only when they are relevant to your career objectives.

To take a course from an outside university while you are enrolled in the SpLIS program, and to get credit for it, you must:

  • Get the outside course approved by your academic advisor before enrolling in the course
  • Complete the course with a grade of B or better

Additionally, the course must not be applied to another degree, and the course must be taken within the five-year time frame allowed for completing the SpLIS degree.

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