M.A. in Comparative Literature and M.L.S. in Library Science

Add an M.A. in comparative literature to your M.L.S.

The M.A. in comparative literature is offered through the Department of Comparative Literature, which was founded in 1949, and is one of the oldest and most comprehensive in the United States. It’s part of IU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Pairing these degrees will provide a strong foundation for a career in academic libraries, public libraries, cultural institutions that value the intersection of these disciplines, or the private sector. Reading proficiency in two foreign languages—a component of this program—will give you a competitive edge in whatever path you pursue.

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To be considered full time, you must enroll in at least nine credit hours. Anything less is considered part time, which is an option for all students. You can also choose to enroll in more than nine credits if it better suits your goals.

Credit hour fees are different in every school. To get the best estimate of how much your tuition will cost each semester, search tuition rates for both of your dual-degree programs.

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Ways to fund your education

If financial concerns are holding you back from applying to this program, we encourage you to explore the various funding opportunities available to ILS students!