M.I.S in Information Science and M.L.S. in Library Science

Earn both an M.L.S. and an M.I.S. degree

This pairing provides you with wide-ranging skills and experience in shaping how people use information—expertise that will become more and more valuable throughout your career.

You’ll graduate prepared to work nearly anywhere—in an academic library, a nonprofit, the government, or the private sector.

Prospective applicants can indicate in their application that they are interested in pursuing the dual degree. Current MLS or MIS students can add the dual degree at any point during their studies, provided that they can meet the dual degree requirements prior to graduation.

Estimate your tuition and fees

IU’s tuition and fees tool allows you to forecast the cost of credit hours and mandatory fees for your ILS graduate education.

To be considered full time, you must enroll in at least nine credit hours. Anything less is considered part time, which is an option for all students. You can also choose to enroll in more than nine credits if it better suits your goals.

Credit hour fees are different in every school. To get the best estimate of how much your tuition will cost each semester, search tuition rates for both of your dual-degree programs.

Use the tuition and fees tool

Ways to fund your education

If financial concerns are holding you back from applying to this program, we encourage you to explore the various funding opportunities available to ILS students!