Digital Content, Curation, and Collections

Be an expert in the digital world

Become an expert in the creation and management of digital content and data, the systems that support them, and their contexts of use.

As the volume and velocity of digital information and data production continues to increase—and as the types of information created continues to vary in format and structure—there is an increasing need for people who are trained in working with digital content and collections and have expertise in digital curation, which involves managing, preserving, adding value, and providing access to digital information assets throughout the information life cycle. These same people also understand the systems that support these activities and the social and organizational contexts where these activities take place.

The digital content, curation, and collections specialization is intended to meet this need, and is available to Master of Library Science (M.L.S.) and Master of Information (M.I.S.) students.

Your core requirements will cover research, policy, and current practices in curating and preserving digital data, as well as metadata fundamentals, electronic records management, and more. You will also understand the design and operation of digital libraries from a socio-technical perspective, and serve a required internship in an information management environment.

The specialization is designed to prepare students for careers as professionals who can work with a range of digital content and manage the systems that support the creation and management of digital content. Graduates with the DC3 specialization can be employed in a wide range of organizations working with various types of digital information, including scientific data and corporate archives to government and NGO records, and more.